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Proudly serving packaging brokers across every corner of the entire United States.

The experts
in club store packaging.

About WCD

We offer a convenient way of doing business for brokers and distributors.

Streamline your business with our solutions in corrugated packaging, inserts, displays, and fulfillment services.

Ready to get started?

Our friendly customer service representative working to provide the best assistance possible within the competitive world of corrugated packaging and displays.

One-On-One Customer Service

Our management and customer service team offer one-on-one customer service to help you with your corrugated displays, product packaging, industrial packaging, and fulfillment needs.

Inside our Santa Fe Springs Design Center, our structural designer is shown proving out a corrugated floor display design.

Design & Engineering

Our structural engineers are dedicated to developing innovative designs that can enhance the attractiveness of your client's products. Whether you prefer on-site collaboration or a remote consultation through Skype or Zoom, we are flexible in accommodating your needs.

Inside our bustling production floor and one of our team members commanding the machine that runs tirelessly day in and day out.


We offer a range of in-house production capabilities that enable us to provide high-quality printing, laminating, die-cutting, and specialty gluing.

Inside our packout and fulfillment facility, a team member is shown assembling trap packs and trays onto a pallet for Club Store distribution.

Packout & Fulfillment

We offer comprehensive pack-out services for kitting and assembly and reliable and safeguarded storage solutions for your packed inventory. Our inventory tracking system monitors every movement of your items and delivers detailed weekly activity reports.

Backing Brokers throughout the entire United States.

Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, Western Corrugated Design proudly serves every corner across the entire United States.

Club Store expertise.

Leveraging our expertise and innovative solutions, we guide you through the complex journey of breaking into exclusive club store markets. Our customized solutions are designed to cater to the specific needs of each retail environment, ensuring your product not only enters the market but thrives with enhanced brand visibility on the retail floor.

our dedicated team with the state-of-the-art Automatan A showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.
rows of stacked pallet displays stand ready for shipment. Each pallet, meticulously organized and securely wrapped, holds a colorful array of consumer goods destined for club stores like Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's. The pallets, marked with vibrant labels and barcodes, symbolize the final step in a well-coordinated logistics operation, awaiting their journey to the retail giants where they will soon be unpacked and presented to eager shoppers.
Drone footage of our packout and fullfillment team working together to assemble and load a club store pallet display for Costco stores.

Tamper proof packaging.

We've developed and secured a patent for a groundbreaking technological advancement in the production of cold seal trap packs and blister packs. Our innovative process, featuring a unique proprietary formula, ensures an unparalleled, strong bond for tamper-proof sealing, positioning it as a leading solution in the industry.

Full Service
Packout Solutions
with WCD Fulfillment.

WCD Fulfillment offers full service pack-out and fulfillment, covering kitting, assembly, secure storage, and detailed weekly activity reports. Our dedication to excellence ensures your products are carefully assembled, and packed.

Up close view of our cold seal trap packs for the Poo-Pourri brand
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