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Why Corrugated Boxes are the Perfect Packaging Solution for Retailers

The #corrugated industry has been working on #sustainability for a long time. They recently did a study called a life cycle assessment (LCA) which shows that U.S. box makers have reduced the #environmental impact of corrugated boxes by a lot. They cut #greenhouse gas emissions by 50% through years of making improvements.

So, what does this mean for brands and stores trying to attract #environmentally-conscious shoppers?

Well, a recent study found that consumers really care about #sustainability, and they're not just talking about it. They're actually backing it up with their money. More and more, people are choosing to buy from companies that care about the environment as much as they do. This shows a growing commitment to fighting climate change together.

78% of consumers say a company’s purpose and values play an important part in their purchasing decisions.

50% of consumers (and 70% of millennials and parents) say they have changed food and grocery brands based on environmental, social or governance behavior. Meanwhile, 70% of millennials and parents reported doing the same based on sustainability concerns.

82% of shoppers wanted companies to put people and the planet before profit. Most significant: Two-thirds of adults said large businesses and corporations are doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change.

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